A Message from the Captain ~
welcome aboard ...



Cap'n Daniel Hawthorne here! We welcome you back for another wander through portside and gander at our cargo and merchandise. If we can assist you in any way, please let us know. Surely we couldn't literally stay afloat without your patronage!

We are proudly launching our newest adventure ~ DARK COAST BOTANICALS! Our first cargo are a dozen pure organic bar soaps, handwrapped in fabric with accents! We hope you will consider indulging, for yourself, or as a gift (they are already giftwrapped). We have included an unscented bar as well. Coming soon ~ Foaming Soap! Our first batch of PUMPKIN SPICE SOAP will be ready shortly ~ ah, the fragrance of the season!

In you have any questions or inquiries, send an Effigy Mail to me at cyphrevoudou2@aol.com. We will reply as the gull flies!

We have gathered some interesting and enjoyable new items for your viewing pleasure, including many one-of-a-kind creations. And don't forget that we're here throughout the year, not just the holidays, to fulfill your order requests.  

Our home port is your home port, safe haven from gales and battles, friendly hideaway for rum-toasting and celebrating ~ Come often and let us hear from ye ~ fair winds to dark places, mates!   



               Captain Daniel Hawthorne                                             


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