Gregor's Menagerie
Peaceful Beings to Warm the Heart


They are alive, we know that to be true ... soft plush or gentle fleece, some with strings, others with handmade dresses and tiny shoes ... each with a hidden heart to feel what we feel, ears to hear problems, stitched mouths never to share our secrets ... our forever companions, some vintage, some brand new, some created by hand, some fashioned on a sewing machine ... ever there, ever faithful ... forever.

Gregor knows them all and he will enchant you with tales of adventure and majick .... it's the gypsy way, he'll laugh quietly as he takes your hand and reminds you that you will ever be a child. "We live in Imagination," he smiles gently, crinkles in his weathered cheeks. Step in, why don't you, and play with us ...

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