DuPres: Tasteful Papers
stationary, giftcards, small boxed gifts,  more

Nothing is quite so personal in matters of taste and quality as fine writing paper, subtle and vibrant inks, and above all, genteel presentation.  We always direct visitors on the docks towards DuPres Fine Papers because there something very unique in the quiet refined atmosphere  and bountious contents on the shelves and linen-covered tables. It is tasteful. Not something one often equates with pyrates and seafarers and the Roma travellers, but it is there in that quaint little shoppe with the lanterned candles and drfitwood arrangements in the front window. M. duPres the younger has assumed the position of proprieter since the passing of his father. We encourage you to take your time. Enjoy the understated taste, and the small surprises guaranteed to tempt you.


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