Brethren of the Dark Coast ~
welcoming all creatures of the night



We have crossed oceans of time and seas of memory ~We follow the trade winds to secret places and dark coasts, and we gather hidden knowledge and protect the creatures of the night ...

You are cordially invited to join us ~ kindly send us your true self name or your pyrate name, your given name, address and E-ffigy address. In return we will post to you a copy of the Articles of the Brethren, your Brethren "grog-tag", your trade beads, more - all complimentary. Your pyrate or true self name will be entered into the leather-bound Book of the Brethren of the Dark Coast ... forever. Annually, we will send you another trade bead, a symbol of our bond to one another, our friendship and loyalty. You may contact us at ~



And we invite you to go to our alternative website as well ~





Fair winds to dark places -


Arkane and Nightingale



                         We welcome all to the Brethren of the Dark Coast





field bag! AVAILABLE IN the Gothik Pyrates Shoppe ~





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