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We invite you to contact us with questions, compliments or even (gasp) criticisms. We are always open to suggestions on new products, or recommendations of new artisans or venues we might make an appearance at. If you know or hear of a pyrate gathering or a convention, please let us hear from you.

 To contact us through the spirit realm, please include your name, address and email to:

We will respond as quickly as possible, or rather, as swiftly as the parrot flies. Should you wish to contact us on a more earthly plane, please direct all correspondence to us at:

  • 1913 West Roosevelt Road, Front Suite
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We are your obedient servants. Well, actually we're really nice people who look forward to keeping you informed, entertained and happy. Thank you for visiting and please return often.  Don't forget to bookmark us!

Fair winds to dark places  ...





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