cloth flesh ~
handmade deviant playthings by nightingale


Each being ~ doll or creature ~ is one of a kind, handmade, poseable, strange, cotton of fleece or both, touched by madness, oddly lovable. You have worked very hard for the childhood you can now enjoy. And that means the toys you really wanted ... or sometimes, they kind of want you, but that's another story altogether.  Come play with us!  We don't bite (usually).  We're good at keeping secrets. And you'd better keep ours in return.

We'd especially like to introduce you to our Merfolk, Doris and Dylan. They're fairly large and they are partial hand-puppets. They'd like to remain together so we're offering them at an unreasonably great rate for the pair. 


All text, creative items and artwork Copyright 2017 by, Alchemy Ink, Special Services Unltd. and B. Fister-Liltz ~ Designs, patterns, original artwork, and text are federally copyrighted and may not be published in any form without expressed written permission.