Cargo Cults
exotic and unusual treasures

     Savage islands give up their exotic treasures! CARGO CULT refers those remarkable artifacts created by tribal societies that have interacted with non-native, technologically advanced cultures, rendering our common items into artifacts for majick and ritual practice. They believed these foreign goods were intended for them by their ancestors and dieties. We have recreated these goods with extreme reverence for the craft and beliefs that first produced them. Each is singular in design and contents and incorporates beads, gems, seashells, fishing nets, dried moss and leaves and wood, the omnipresent skull against an impressive sturdy tabletop cross. Perfect for the mantlepiece of your homeport or ship's cabin, or for an altar for the oceanic dieties.                    

We are debuting our newest curiousities ~ DAY OF THE EGGS! Each is an unfertilised ostrich egg that has been emptied and cleaned by our supplier, and then the egg is prepared, conceptualised, painted and decorated. Each offering is one-a-kind and will not be duplicated. The egg is presented with a color-coordinated wood ring for display, and it will arrive in a pristine white gift box filled with coordinated or complimentary tissue. The subject matter of our eggs is usually a derived concept of the traditional Day of the Dead image, and some are more horror-themed as well. Each egg takes on its own personality ... something to contemplate. 














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