A Bounty of Gems
small treasures from here and there


Ah, the glitter and the gleam! What dazzles the eye and fattens the leather pouch better than doubloons and gems? We offer traditional loose gemstones as well as impressive rope necklaces of  gems. Some of the offerings are from the late'60 and early '70s. Most are from the agate family. To wear, to gift or to use in the creation of jewelry of one's own imagination ~ dare we say with a smile, everything here can become a Figment of one's imagination! 

Kindly note that unmounted gemstones are shipped free ~ therefore, we ask that you contact us if you wish to place an order for the unmounted gemstones pictures here. We will process your order without postage. Necklaces are processed directly from the website and will include nominal postage. Thank you!

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