treasured gifts for special someones

Presenting the NEW Bounty of the Sea Gift bags! Two sizes, a multitude of treasures to select from ~

We offer for your consideration: BOUNTY! Pick through the many treasures we have to offer and we'll make a beautiful sea-themed gift bag  for your someone special. Contact us, we'll work within your budget and remember, the prices below are only "guidelines"  - pyrates, right?

BOUNTY is also where we will offer gift bags, richly filled with thematic items for the pyrates in your life, or any variation of the Brethren of the Dark Coast as well. The BOUNTY offerings will range from one-off creations to limited editions and will often feature items highlighted in our inventory. We will happily pack and ship these gifts for you, and you may include a card or note with your personal greetings. We will always attempt to use flat rate shipping to save you doubloons. If planning a gift for a certain date, we request a lead time of at least three weeks in the continental Unites States. Overseas orders will be discussed at the time an order is placed.

If you're planning to give someone a gift of Wellness, send us an email and we'll work with you to create the most fitting offering possible at the most convenient price. Should you require or wish a customised ritual, please contact us directly and we'll evolve the offering to fulfill your need.

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Naturally, discretion is the hallmark of the company.







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