Ancestral Acquisitions
Society! Marriage Prospects! Heritage!








 Miss Pansy Pickman and her father, the late Ivan Pickman, Founders of Ancestral Acquisitions, Ltd. Est. 1787

Elevate your Standing in Society! Become Interesting! Improve Marriage Prospects! Acquire the Relatives you truly Deserve! We here at Ancestral Acquisitions believe that everyone deserves to improve on his or her life and more importantly, and a more deserving family. We offer a vast assortment of individuals, couples and complete (kinda) families to choose from. You never have to meet them, you never have to spend holidays with them, you never have to gift them anything. In fact, by acquiring one of client offerings you gain all of the social  possibilities without any of the socialising. You will receive the glorious photograph of your newly acquired ancestors in a lovely frame, you will be entitled to their name, their wealth (if any) and quite possibly, their noteriety. We invite you to browse the current available ancestral acquisitions ~ 

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